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Do we need to have our own tennis courts?

No, our classes are typically run in the schoolyard or the school hall using nets we setup manmade courts

Do we need to have our own equipment?

No, we provide all the equipment needed for the classes (nets, rackets and balls for every pupil, markers , etc…)

How much does the programme cost?

Deucepoint Tennis is promoting a quality, low cost programme for schools where the cost is kept to a minimun

Are all of your coaches qualified and insured?

Yes, we have a strict policy of only employing qualified, fully insured and Garda vetted coaches along with first aid training also

Is the programme suitable for the school curriculum?

Yes, our programme thoroughly follows the guidelines of the primary school P.E. curriculum. In the athletics strand it incorporates a range of activities including running, jumping and throwing. In the gymnastics strand it focuses on body actions such as jumping, turning and balancing. In the games strand it combines the previous two by involving children in tennis which enables them to appreciate and enjoy games.

Are the classes held indoors or outdoors?

Classes can be held both indoors (school hall) or outdoors (schoolyard) depending on the weather or availability of the hall.

What age groups is the programme suitable for?

Deucepoint tennis has expertise in teaching tennis to children from junior infants all the way up to 6th year.

Do all the classes play with same equipment?

No, Deucepoint Tennis provides every age group with different size rackets and different pressure balls that is most suitable for their age and ability.

Is the programme suitable for children with special needs?

Yes, Deucepoint Tennis supports full inclusion and our programme is suitable for every child. Children play with softer balls and age appropriate equipment making play easier.

How long are the classes?

Classes are typically 40min or 60min long. (Classes run as part of the P.E. Module in schools)or during big lunch or after school

How many lessons does each class get?

We takes bookings per term with each term consisting of blocks of 10 weeks. Classes booked get one lesson per week.